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goochseed is back for the 20th time /
i apologize for everytime i've left you guys /
brand new rhymes, fuck all of jcoles lines /
waste of time, yeezus & sinners / that new mac miller
y'all sound like beginners /
gooch all bars /
no filler
iller than your grandma/
after i kill her /
spill her vaniller
then put her cream in my coollatta
wipe spunk off her boca using kanye's prada
eat an enchilada
and then i shit a fucking brick
it comes out slick like rick's dick
making a quick pick
talkin' lotto game
searching for that lotto fame
goochseed's shit raw
talkin no ass-per-tame
set your house aflame
then call your youngest son a flame
that kids a straight lame
no game just a shitload flame
my dick is your daughter's name
her name doesn't fit
on my dick
i flick my bick
and then
locate the clit
i use pam
so this pan is just straight non stick
magna carta holy grail
samsung on my dick
kung fung dum
the name of my adopted kid
hun dun sun
azaeila banks a fuckin bitch
quasimoto straight runnin shit
all y'all should fuckin' quit
lootpack 99 comin with tha discipline
i'm gonna begin again
king crimson bringin the discipline
i'm hatin this world that i'm livin in
y'all simpletons
i'm comin with militia men
tire rotations at michelin
my moms be a bitch again
goochpack's fatter than a fat kid
with no insulin

i'm wilferd brimley
i'm jonny winters
james gandolfini
my dick feels like splinters
when i go outside
all i feel is fucken shivers
i'm ray liotta
i'm randy johnson
balls in your face like
i'm randy johnson
hunter s thompson
shouts out to that guy
rum diary sucked
but i guess i forgive him
i meant the movie
didn't mean the book


released June 28, 2013



all rights reserved


goochseed Ontario

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